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Gjirafa is one of the fastest growing Internet Services companies in Central Europe.
Gjirafa is one of the most well-funded tech startups in Europe.
Gjirafa50 is the biggest online retailer in the region.
Gjirafa50 launched in November 2016 with 50 unique products in its inventory.
GjirafaMall offers a selection of more than 160,000 products.
GjirafaMall has a live chat average response rate of 29 seconds.
Gjirafa AdNetwork facilitates targeted promotion to Albanian speaking audiences consisting of more than 10 million people.
GjirafaVideo streams more than 100 active channels, as well as exclusive original content produced by Gjirafa Studios.
Gjirafa Masters League Season 2 amassed a viewership of up to 20k concurrent users for over 12 hours per day.
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Safety Health and Well-being

Gjirafa is committed to creating conditions that allow all team members to rest assured and work with confidence. We are constantly adopting new methods to optimize our operations. This includes maintaining safe facilities, offering extensive health insurance, infesting in technological capabilities, and embracing new expertise in health and wellness.

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Team Members Benefits

At Gjirafa we provide our members and their families with a world-class benefits experience that is focused on supporting their health and well-being.

Health Insurance

Gjirafa provides health insurance plans with comprehensive coverage for all team members and their families.

Caring for Families

Parental Leave Parental leave and Baby Bonding Leave
Maternity Leave Maternity Leave (Up to 9 months paid)
Other Forms of Parental Support Other Forms of Parental Support
Caregiver Leave Caregiver Leave
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Flexible Work Options

Permanent or Part-Time Work

Refers to the possibility of engagement on a part time basis with 20 hours per week.

Graduated Return to Work

Team members returning from parental leave may chose to resume work with a part time engagement and gradually build up to full-time.

Flexible Rostering (Split Shifts)

Flexible Hours are available to accomodate child care and school drop-off / pick-up times.

Job Sharing

Two or more team members share one full-time position by each working on a part-time basis.

Compressed Hours

Team members work longer hours on certain days to ensure a shorter working week or fortnight.

Under the existing labor legislation of the Republic of Kosovo, team members with childcare responsibilities (for children under school age, or minors with a disability) have the right to request flexible working arrangements.

Team members utilizing flexible work practices will receive equal treatment with all other team members. Flexible working arrangements are not a barrier to promotions or the assignment of supervisory responsibilities.

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