Did You Know ?
Gjirafa is one of the fastest growing Internet Services companies in Central Europe.
Gjirafa is one of the most well-funded tech startups in Europe.
Gjirafa50 is the biggest online retailer in the region.
Gjirafa50 launched in November 2016 with 50 unique products in its inventory.
GjirafaMall offers a selection of more than 160,000 products.
GjirafaMall has a live chat average response rate of 29 seconds.
Gjirafa AdNetwork facilitates targeted promotion to Albanian speaking audiences consisting of more than 10 million people.
GjirafaVideo streams more than 100 active channels, as well as exclusive original content produced by Gjirafa Studios.
Gjirafa Masters League Season 2 amassed a viewership of up to 20k concurrent users for over 12 hours per day.
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Our Team


We are constantly seeking exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds to join the #GjirafaTeam. With every decision to hire or promote, we raise the performance bar. We lead with empathy and strive to nurture a safe, productive, and engaging work environment of shared purpose. Every day our aim is to get closer to our goal of creating positive change and building the Internet economy in the region. We are dedicated to bold action that delivers meaningful results and improves the lives of as many people as possible. Because what is hard today will be easy tomorrow.

Our Team

Evolution is in our DNA

Gjirafa is one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Europe, and it is built to last. After years of hard work, investment, and growth, our mission has become a responsibility. If you would like to join us on our journey, start by signing up for updates on future job openings and exploring #GjirafaStories.



Meet our Team

Team Member Photo

Mergim Cahani

Founder and CEO
Team Member Photo

Ercan Canhasi

Co-Founder and CSO
Team Member Photo

Diogjen Elshani

Co-Founder and COO
Team Member Photo

Edi Demaj

Team Member Photo

Shqipron Sezallari

VP of Growth
Team Member Photo

Drilon Kastrati

VP of Engineering - AI & Principal Software Architect
Team Member Photo

Festim Cahani

Software Engineer
Team Member Photo

Agon Daku

VP of Engineering - E-Commerce and Identity Service
Team Member Photo

Doresa Rexha

Head of GjirafaVideo
Team Member Photo

Brikena Rexhaj

Head of Gjirafa50 and GjirafaMall
Team Member Photo

Arita Thaqi

Graphic Designer
Team Member Photo

Hakan Shehu

VP of Engineering - Content, Data and Advertising
Team Member Photo

Vjosa Daku

Operations Manager
Team Member Photo

Abdullah Veliu

E-Commerce Coordinator
Team Member Photo

Romana Shehu

Senior Internal Accountant
Team Member Photo

Riad Asllani

VP of Engineering - Media and Paid Content
Team Member Photo

Nik Raja

Lead Software Engineer
Team Member Photo

Blerton Krasniqi

Senior E-Commerce Manager
Team Member Photo

Greta Kamberi

Head of People and Culture
Team Member Photo

Dren Shabani

VP of Product Management and Business Intelligence

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